December 1, 2023

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Drinking Olive Oil: Nutritionists Are Skeptical of New Trend

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But first … olive oil?

This Mediterranean diet staple is having a moment. Olive oil is a much-loved topping on trendy salads and avocado toast, but now some TikTokers are opting for a more generous pour. In fact, they’re downing shots of the stuff for its purported health benefits.

In one video with 3.5 million views, @oliveoilqueen claims that drinking olive oil reduces her bloating, among other positive effects. Others, like @eliyahmashiach, prefer a tablespoon in the morning for digestion. Some, like @back2basics4all, mix it with lemon juice.

Some celebrities love it, too. Kourtney Kardashian knocks back a tablespoon every other day as part of her morning routine. Model Agatha Relota Luczo takes a shot of her own blend, followed by lemon water and coffee, reports Goop. Producer Shonda Rhimes told WSJ. Magazine that she drinks olive oil with breakfast — a tip she reportedly picked up from Beyoncé.


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