December 2, 2023

Nutrition Facts In Lemon

Get The New Nutrition Facts In Lemon

Lemon juice has 5 major health benefits – why you should drink it

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Lemon juice has been linked to a long list of health benefits, improving everything from the appearance of skin to the body’s digestive process. While this naturally sour liquid is not the most palatable of flavours, diluting it in a glass of water or even just squeezing it over fresh salads can have a significant effect over time. Here are five of the most significant ways drinking more lemon juice can positively impact your body.

It can cleanse your gut

Adding fresh lemon juice to water and warm drinks has been practised for centuries, and is one of the safest natural health hacks to try at home.

Using the flesh of this yellow citrus fruit for better digestion is just one way to cleanse your body without processed supplements, but why does it work so well?

According to Dr Amy Lee, Head of Nutrition for Nucific, gastrointestinal health relates to the elimination and also the overall inflammatory status of the body.

She said: “Good gut health is also a reflection of a good gut microbiome as well, which we know plays a role in how we feel on a daily basis.”

The high concentration of vitamin C in the pulp of the fruit is a key player when it comes to digestion, as the antioxidants protects the cells against free radicals, which work to reduce inflammation.

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It can reduce your risk of kidney stones

Kidney stones are painful and unpleasant, but they are easily prevented in most cases.

In fact, the juice of a fresh lemon can help to prevent the internal build-up of calcium, which would otherwise lead to kidney stones.

This works by raising citrate levels in the urine which bind to the calcium deposits and stop kidney stones from forming in the first place.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, lemonade made with real lemon juice is one of the best drinks to prevent this unpleasant condition, though water should always be used to keep you hydrated.

Lemon juice can improve the appearance of your skin

Some evidence has linked vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid to improvements in the condition of the skin.

Flavonoids, which are protective compounds found in citrus fruit, are also beneficial to our complexion as they help the body produce collagen.

This naturally occurring substance is responsible for protecting the elasticity and integrity of the skin, stimulating anti-aging processes and preventing premature skin ageing.

What’s more, this antioxidant-rich juice can help to flush out the toxins in your body by enhancing enzyme function and stimulating your liver, which plays a vital role in the appearance of your skin.

It can aid weight loss

When the body is well-hydrated, it can affect the level of satiety and feeling of fullness.

Sometimes, when the body is dehydrated or depleted, the sensation we perceive as hunger could actually be a craving for essential fluids.

For those who act on grabbing a snack versus a sip of water, they’ll end up taking in more calories and therefore find it harder to lose weight.

Dr Lee added: “70 percent of our body is made up of water, and so are the muscles that metabolise fuel.

“Being well-hydrated can help optimise the way the body burns calories.”


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