November 29, 2023

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TikTok ‘internal shower’ trend slammed as ‘f–king bulls–t’

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Talk about spring cleaning.

A new TikTok trend claims it’ll clean out your gut with only three ingredients: water, chia seeds and lemon.

Inspired by celebrity nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre, the “internal shower” concoction promises an empty bowel shortly after drinking it.

Hordes of women are flocking to the hashtag, which now has 9.4 million views, hoping the elixir could be the secret to a happy gut and flat tummy.

For just two tablespoons of chia seeds, a cup of water and a spritz of lemon, it almost seems too good to be true. But, of course, TikTokers are taste-testing the drink first so you don’t have to.

Ashley McCrary-Mac, a food blogger extraordinaire, attempted the simple recipe, showing her more than 194,000 followers just how easy it is to make.

Internal shower TikTok
The chia seed “internal shower” TikTok trend is health enthusiasts’ newest obsession.
TikTok / @oliviakuykendall
TikTok still of woman trying internal shower
TikTokers flocked to the trend to try the elixir that’s supposed to aid digestion.
TikTok / @healthylittlepeach

She scooped her chia seeds into a glass of water and mixed them for five minutes, allowing them to create a gelatinous consistency. She claimed the concoction is supposed to help with “blood sugar and inflammation,” adding that the texture is “weird.”

Unlike other health trends, “superfood” chia seeds are actually proven to aid digestion and have surprising health benefits in just a tiny seed. They’re hailed as antioxidants, containing omega-3 fats and are full of fiber.

“One of the most interesting things about chia seeds is that they are hydrophilic in nature, which means they can be mixed with water and can soak up to twenty-seven times their weight, creating a thick gel-like substance that hydrates and lubricates the mucous membranes of your gut, resulting in a soft and smooth bowel movements,” Dr. Gioffre told The Post.

“In fact, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds have 10 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber, which acts as an ‘internal shower’ in your gut, helping to move food and prevent any impactions down the road.”

But while some studies have suggested they can contribute to weight loss and a reduced risk of heart disease, more research is necessary, according to Healthline.

internal shower TikTok trend
The gelatinous mixture contains fibrous chia seeds, water and a splash of lemon.
TikTok / @healthylittlepeach

But the trend isn’t just for foodies. TikTokers looking for a healthy alternative after a weekend binge or in search of a “summer detox” are taking a stab at the less-than-appetizing beverage.

Kelly Baums, a TikToker, attempted the recipe – initially adding too many chia seeds to her mixture – and promised she’d return with the results in a video that amassed 2.4 million views. As promised, one day later, she took to her page to reveal she approved of the drink and it was a “success,” saying she’d “recommend it.”

TikTok internal shower trend
The recipe includes two tablespoons of chia seeds, a glass of water and juice from a lemon.
TikTok / @oliviakuykendall

Producer, writer and TV personality Jac Vanek even got in on the trend, saying she hadn’t “pooped in, like, two days” while traveling recently in a video with more than 3 million views.

“Your girl needs some help,” she said. After mixing her ingredients together and waiting 15 minutes for the seeds to soak up some liquid, she began to chug, describing the drink as “goopy.”

But her hail Mary wasn’t good enough – at the end of the video, she reported that it didn’t work after an hour of waiting.

Chia seed internal shower
The drink looks less than appealing, but users claim it works wonders.
TikTok / @oliviakuykendall

Dietitian Jenna Werner, who boasts more than 112,000 followers on the platform, took to TikTok to share her 2 cents on the drink of the summer. While she debunked the mainstream health trends that claim laxatives cause substantial weight loss, she explained the dietary science behind the experimental drink.

” ‘Internal shower’ just makes me think of diarrhea,” she joked, adding that “the name is rough,” despite nothing being “wrong” with consuming some chia seeds and water.

She said she actually loves chia seeds, calling them “nutrient powerhouses” due to the amount of nutrition in such a tiny seed, but there might be more delicious ways to consume them. She suggests topping toast, waffles or yogurt, or adding them to smoothies.

“The issue that I have with this ‘trend’ is when you start to look at these videos, they’re being discussed as ‘detoxes,’ ‘post-weekend drinking detoxing,’ ‘hormonal cleanse,’ basically ‘s – – t your pants and undo all the damage that you did,’” she said in a follow-up clip. “That’s f – – king bulls – – t and that doesn’t work.”


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